Artist's Statement:

In my art I strive to capture human emotions by focusing on gesture, such as in The Spring where the figure reaches down to scoop up a handful of water. A kinesthetic memory of the experience is rekindled in the viewer. Conveying those universal gestures distinguishes my depictions of people. Some of the pieces are inspired by mythology and story, and I bring them into contemporary expression. I hope that the quality of the action in each piece is resonant with people's experiences, so they can see a bit of themselves in the art.

In the scenes, I am interested in the concept of renewal through nature. After I create the central figure(s), I make a context with colors and details that best enhance the subject, so the figure and its gesture can emerge as a central focus. I intentionally use horizontal bands of glass to give a sense of stability to backgrounds; conversely, I use curvilinear glass pieces to create a sense of energetic flow, such as in water. I try to cut the glass in shapes that evoke the material and geometry of the elements being depicted.

I've chosen stained glass for my material because of the thousands of varieties of shades available. I use the highest quality epoxy grouts for the best adhesion, for permanent color, and the option of metallic sparkle effects. I cut and nip each shard of glass to fit precisely. Each piece that is incorporated in to the design reveals a fraction more of the image. Creating figures with naturalness and flow, within the time-exacting process of mosaic making, is my artistic challenge.

Victor Jorgensen 2009

Feature article: Artist of the Month- Rancho Magazine December 2005

"One of a kind certainly describes artist Victor Jorgensen. His glass mosaics personify original style...(Read More PDF)

Color Moods: A SAMA 2006 Presentation

"Have you ever experienced art which resonated on on a deep emotional level? For many of you, it may have even served as part of the inspiration led you to becoming artists yourselves. (Read More)


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